UM gives Teaching Excellence Award to Faculty of Law Associate Professor Shui Bing

The University of Macau (UM) today (26 May) presented the Teaching Excellence Award at the Congregation 2018 to recognise outstanding performance in teaching. The recipient was Faculty of Law Associate Professor Shui Bing.

The recipient of the UM Teaching Excellence Award is selected by a selection committee from numerous nominees through a rigorous process. Selection criteria include the following: teaching philosophy, a depth of professional knowledge in the relevant discipline, excellent communication skills and teaching outcomes, outstanding contributions to the development of the discipline, ability to encourage self-driven learning by motivating students to pursue continuous intellectual growth, adoption of innovative teaching methods, and leadership skills in promoting teaching excellence within and outside of UM. The courses offered by Prof Shui aim to help students develop the skills to analyse and solve legal problems. The innovative teaching activities he co-organises with the residential college, such as the College Court and the academic salon for PhD students from the Faculty of Law, focus on social issues and encourage students to raise questions so they can experience the joy of studying law in the process.

Prof Shui thanks the university for its recognition of his teaching performance. He hopes that the innovative courses and extracurricular activities can help to create a platform for equal communication with the students, stimulate the students’ hunger for knowledge, and help them develop critical thinking skills. As a coordinator of PhD programmes, he plans to incorporate more innovative elements in his teaching and research, particularly in course design, so as to train students to think from legal perspectives and solve practical problems through a problem-oriented approach.

Prof Shui was a full professor and a doctoral advisor at Nanjing University’s Law School, as well as a joint professor at Nanjing University-Johns Hopkins University Center. In 2012, he was selected for inclusion in the New Century Excellent Talents in University programme by the Ministry of Education of China. In 2013, he was named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Jurists in Jiangsu Province. He is the recipient of the Annual Academic Award for Public Policy in China, and the first prize at a national competition for essays on the applicability of China’s civil law and commercial law. In February 2017, he was appointed a member of the Medical Malpractice Committee by the Macao SAR government. In April of the same year, he was invited by the Ministry of Education of China to serve as an expert for the fourth round of review of academic disciplines.

Source: Communications Office, University of Macau