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Jianhong FAN


Academic Qualification

  • Dr.iur.(Ph.D in Juridical Sciences), University of Freiburg, Germany
  • LL.M.in international Law, University of Kiel, Germany
  • Certificate of undergraduate program in German Law (4 years) (equivalent to Bachelor of Laws in Germany), University of Kiel, Germany
  • Certificate of second Bachelor program in Chinese Law(3 years), University of Hangzhou(Zhejiang University), China
  • Bachelor of Arts in German Language and Literature, University of Hangzhou(Zhejiang University), China

Teaching Areas

  • Contract Law for the International Sale of Goods(LLM-course)
  • Comparative Commercial Organization(LLM-course)
  • Comparative Economic Law(LLM-optional course)
  • Case Studies for German Classic Private Law[LLM-optional course]

Research Area

  • International Business Law
  • Company Law and Economic Law
  • Comparative Private Law (Comparative Case Study of Civil and Business Law in mainland, Macau China and Germany)
  • Topics of Greater Bay Area Law in China
  • Topics of German Law and EU-Law


His publications include more than one hundred articles and book chapters and  22 Books and Monographs (authored or/and edited)  in Chinese, also some Monographs and articles in German and English version, for example:

  1. Books
  1. Fan,J.H./Chen,K.R./Tang,C./Zhang,Q.(authored)(2017), Contract Law for the  International Sale of Goods(Textbook), Law Press China, Beijing, ISBN-978-7-5197-1140-5 (Chinese)
  2. Fan,J.H. (authored)(2017), Concretizing Application of the Proportion Principle in the Conflict of Dismissal under the impact of the Enterprise’s Economic Woes,ISBN-10: 3330032790,ISBN-13: 978-3-330-03279-8(English)
  3. Fan,J.H./Li, C. (authored) (2013), Study on German Law, China Legal Publishing House, Beijing,ISBN:978-75093-4-331-9(Chinese)
  4. Fan, J.H./Li, H.M./Li, C. (authored) (2013), A Study on the doctrine and cases of Disregarding the Corporate Personality (Durchgriffshaftung) of Company in USA, China and Germany, University of Macau, ISBN: 978-99965-1-036-6(Chinese)
  5. Zhao,Y/Fan,J.H. (authored) (2012), Corporations and Partnerships in Macau- Suppl. 63 in International Encyclopaedia of Laws: Corporations and Partnerships, The Hague: Kluwer Law International, Walters Kluwer , ISBN : 978-90-654-4946-7(English)
  6. Fan, J. H., & Pereira, A.D. (authored) (2011), Commercial and Economic Law in Macau (second edition). The Hague: Kluwer Law International, Walters Kluwer, ISBN:9789041136121 (English)
  7. Liu, G. L., Zhao, G. Q., Lok, W. K., & Fan, J.H. (edited and authored)(2010-2011), Survey Research on Macau Law (Vol.1-2) (second edition), Social Sciences Academic Press (China), Beijing, ISBN:978-99937-1-055-4, (Chinese)
  8. Fan, J. H. (2008) (authored), On further development of Legislation Space by German Judges- Discussion on Dismissals caused by Enterpriser. Macau: Faculty of Law, Macau University, ISBN:978-99937-970-3-6 (Chinese)
  9. Fan, J. H., Ying, J., & Chen, J. (authored)(2008) , International and regional comparative Study on the civil and commercial Arbitration Law in Macau. Macau: Association of Macau Scholars,ISBN:978-99937-897-6-5(Chinese)
  10. Fan, J. H., & Jin, P.N. (edited and authored)(2005), Macau’s International Commercial Law (Vol.1-2). Guangzhou: Guangdong People’s Publishing House ,ISBN:7-218-04955-9/D.584(Chinese)
  11. Fan, J. H., & Tian, Q. (edited and authored)(2003), International Investment Law of Transnational Corporations , Faculty of Law of Macau University,ISBN:99937-26-31-1(Chinese)
  12. Fan, J.H. (edited & authored), Introduction Series to International Economic Laws(Vol.1-5, Law of International Investment/Law of International Trade/Law of International Finance/law of international economic organizations/Law of International Dispute Settlement )(2000-2001), Hangzhou: Zhejiang University,ISBN:7-308-02588-8/D (Chinese)
  13. Fan,J.H./Tian,Q. (1997)(authored), Strafrecht und Strafverfahrensrecht in China – Rechtsgrundlagen und Rezeption des Deutschen Rechts, Publishing House of Tectum, Marburg,  Germany, ISBN 3-8288-0101-3,(German)
  14. Fan, J.H. (1997)(authored),Rechtsgrundlage und Kontrollstruktur der Arbeitgeberkündigung nach den Grundsätzen deutscher Verhältnismässigkeit und chinesischer  beilegungsimmanenten Schiedsentscheidung, Monographs of European University Studies, European Academic Publisher, Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt/M., Berlin, Bern, New York, Paris, Wien, ISSN 0531-7312, ISBN3-631-30176-6(German) (PhD dissertation)
  1. Articles in Journals and collected papers
  1. Fan,J.H.(2020), Software with black Shell (Type A) – Comparative Case Studies(CCS), in Journal of Macau Law Sciences, UMAC, Vol.3/2020,(Chinese)
  2. Fan,J.H.(2018), An Introduction to the Connotations of Comparative Law -A Perspective from a Chinese Scholar, Juridikum – Zeitschrift für Kritik, Recht, Gesellschaft, Heft 1/2018, Österreich Verlag, 60-69(English)
  3. Fan, J.H.(2017), On the standard of legislative technology in Macau, in:Zhao,G.Q., Selected Works of Social Sciences and Humanities of Macau(Law), Social Sciences Academic Press(China), Beijing(Chinese)
  4. Fan,J.H.(2016), The orientation of legal system, layout of rules and literal expression in codification of Chinese Civil Code, in Journal of Macau Law Sciences, UMAC, Vol.1/2016, 83-98(Chinese)
  5. Fan,J.H./Li,C.(2016), Study of Case Group concerning Disregarding the Corporate Personality(Durchgriffshaftung) of Company in China and Germany, in: Alves,L./Tong,I.C./Cardinal,P.,The meaning and significance of comparative law under the principle of one country and two systems , the Legislative Council of the Macau Special Administrative Region,481-524.(Chinese)
  6. Tian,Q./Liu,Y./Fan,J.H.(2015), The effects of external stakeholder pressure and ethical leadership on corporate social responsibility in China, Journal of Management & Organization, Cambridge University Press and Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management ,Vol.21, Issue 04, 388 – 410(English)
  7. Fan,J.H.(2014), Judges’ Continuing Construction in enterprise-conditioned employer dismissal in Germany: specific research of the proportion principle, Beijing Law Review, USA, vol.5/2014,322-341(English)
  8. Fan,J.H.(2014), Is there lots of room for improvement of system of basic rights protection in Macau Basic Law? In: One Country two Systems Research Center, IPM (ed.),”One Country two Systems” and basic rights protection in Macau, ISBN 978-99965-2-098-3),pp54-83(Chinese)
  9. Fan,J.H.(2014),Jurastudium in Macau, Ordnung der Wissenschaft(Journal of the Order of Science), Heft 3, 2014, Pp 171-175, Germany(German)
  10. Fan, J.H.(2013), Durchgriffshaftung gegen Gesellschafter wegen Unterkapitalisierung im chinesischen Gesellschaftsrecht, Recht der internationalen Wirtschaft, 59.Jahrgang, Heft08/2013,515-520,Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft, Germany(German)
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  13. Fan, J.H./Neuwirth,R.(2012), Die Wahrung von Betriebs- und Geschäftsgeheimnissen im Spannungsverhältnis zur Berufsfreiheit am Beispiel der Volksrepublik China, Recht der internationalen Wirtschaft, 58.Jahrgang, Heft03/2012,123-128, Verlag Recht und Wirtschaft, Germany(German)
  14. Tao,Y./Fan,J.H.(2011), the Use of UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts in PR China- Present and Future, Boletim da Faculdade de Direito,No. 30./2011, pp 19-46(English)
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Experience, Awards and Service

  • AC-member of FLL/UM(since 2000)
  • International Advisory Board  member of International Encyclopaedia of Laws( Kluwer international)(since 2007)
  • Arbitrator of International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC-South China) and Arbitrator of Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration(SCIA)
  • Arbitrator of World Trade Center (Macau)
  • Deputy member of council of lawyers in Macau (2004-2008)
  • Member of DC-Juristenvereinigung e.V. in Germany( 2012-2013)
  • Research fellowships of Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and DAAD in Germany/Third prize in first UM Research Award/ First prize for Textbooks & academic Monographs issued by 5th. University publishing houses in east China/ Second prize in first Research Award of social science in Macau
  • Associate Professor, Faculty of Law at Zhejiang University (1998-2000) and associate Professor, Faculty of Law, UMAC (2000-2006) and full Professor, Faculty of Law, UMAC(since 2006)
  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Visiting Professor in institute of Economic Law, Labor Law and Social law at University of Freiburg, Germany (summer2000)
  • Legal Consultant (full time) under the direction of Prof. Dr.iur. Stefan Messmann in Shanghai German international business law firm(Wessing Berenberg-Gossler Zimmermann Lange) (1997-1998)
  • Research fellow(wiss.Sondermitarbeiter)(full time) under direction of Prof. Dr.iur. Dr. h.c. mult. Albin Eser, M.C.J. and Prof. Dr. iur.Dr. h.c. mult. Günther Kaiser in Max-Planck-Institute of Foreign and International Criminal Law in Germany (1995-1997)
  • Dr.iur.(doctoral degree/PhD in Juridical Sciences) (Jan/1997) ,Institute of economic law, Labor Law and Social law ,faculty of Law at University of Freiburg (supervisor: Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c.Manfred Löwisch, President of University of Freiburg in Germany)
  • Sworn translator for Court of State Kiel, Germany (1990-1995)
  • Research Assistant(hiwi) under the guidance of Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. rer. pol. Dr. h.c. mult. Franz Jürgen Säcker in institute of Economic Law, Labor Law and Tax law and in dean office of faculty of law, also under the guidance of Prof.Dr.iur.Haimo Schack, LL.M. (Berkeley) in institute of European and International Private and Procedural Law, faculty of law at University of Kiel in Germany (1990-1995)
  • Translator (part time) for Law Department and training items of Krupp MaK Motoren GmbH & Co. KG (a Caterpillar Company, USA) under direction of Axel Kettmann(General Counsel) in Kiel, Germany(1993-1995)
  • LL.M.iur.degree(May 1990), in Institute of international Law(supervisor: Prof.Dr.Dr.h.c. Rüdiger Wolfrum, vice-prsident of University of Kiel, Germany )
  • Trainee of Legal Consultant under the guidance of Dr.iur.Kristian Ehinger and Prof. Dr.iur. Stefan Messmann in foreign law department of Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, Germany (1989)
  • Visiting Scholar under the guidance of Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. h.c. Jost Delbrück, LL.M. LL.D. h.c. (IN) and Prof. Dr. iur. Dr.h.c.Rüdiger Wolfrum in Institute of International Law at University of Kiel in Germany (Oct/1988-Juni/1989)
  • Senior Instructor (full time) in Faculty of Foreign Languages (1984-1988) and academic Assistant (full time)in Faculty of Law at Hangzhou University (1988)