Assistant Professor

Email weiwang@um.edu.mo
(853) 8822 4074
OfficeE32 – 2006
AddressFaculty of Law (FLL),
University of Macau, E32,
Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China.
Office HoursMonday 14h30~15h30
Tuesday 14h30~15h30

Joined UM in 16-8-2013 after having developed a fruitful professional career as trial and corporate lawyer in Portugal and Macau where as well held senior level in-house positions at gaming concessionaires and, in addition, appointed as official legal advisor to the International Law Office.

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD. in Civil and Commercial Law, China University of Political Science and Law
  • Bachelor of Law, University of Macau
  • Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese, Shanghai International Studies University

Teaching Areas

Postgraduate Courses in Chinese Language

  • Comparative Civil Procedure Law
  • Comparative Property Law
  • Legal Research and Writing

Postgraduate Courses in Portuguese Language

  • Chinese Private Law

Graduate Courses in Chinese Language

  • Business Law I, General Theory
  • Business Law II, Commercial Corporations
  • Business Law III, Commercial Contracts

Supervision of Ph.D. and Master Theses

Research Fields

Civil Procedure Law

  • Principal Investigator, research project “Enhancing Access to an Effective Remedy In Civil Procedure Context: Need for Reform of Enforcement System”,Multi-Year Research Grant, University of Macau
  • Principal Investigator, research project “Judicial Protection of Diffuse Interests”, Multi-Year Research Grant, University of Macau

Business Law; Corporate Crime

  • Co-Principal Investigator, research project “Corporate Crime in Macau and Mainland China”,Multi-Year Research Grant, University of Macau

Gaming Law

  • Convener, Research Circle on Macau Gaming Law

Relevant Publications


  • A Celeridade Processual, a Cooperação e o Consenso entre os Sujeitos Processuais: Diálogo entre o Processo Civil e o Processo Penal: uma Perspectiva Lusófona (co-author), Livros do Oriente, 2018
  • Igualdade de Género nas Ordens Jurídicas de Moçambique e China: Desafios (co-editor), Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, 2018
  • Macau Gaming Law Studies, Series I (Editor), Faculty of Law of the University of Macau, 2018
  • Jorge Manuel Coutinho de Abreu, Curso de Direito Comercial, I /《商法教程》第一卷(譯者),法律出版社 (Law Press China,2017
  • 《1999年澳門高等法院司法見解》第二卷(譯者),澳門特別行政區終審法院(Court of Final Appeal),2010
  • 《澳門特別行政區立法行爲與行政法規》(合譯),澳門特別行政區國際法事務辦公室,2005

Book Chapters

  • Macau: formal adequacy principle in the perspective of judicial case management, in P. C. H. Chan / C. H. van Rhee eds, Framing the Civil Court Structure from a Case Management Perspective: a Comparative Study of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Beyond, Springer (forthcoming)
  • Legal Construction of Gender Relations in the RAEHK: Advances and Challenges, in Orquídea Massarongo-Jona / Wang Wei eds, Gender Equality in the Legal Orders of Mozambique and China: Challenges, Mozambique: Eduardo Mondlane University, 2018
  • 澳門商事登記制度的特點,《商事制度改革與企業誠信經營法制建設研究》,黃來紀,李志強主編, China Democracy and Legal System Publishing House, 2017
  • Lei – Modelo de Responsabilidade Civil para a Ásia Oriental (trad), 《東亞侵權法示範法》,楊立新主編, Peking University Press, 2016
  • 關於建立和完善澳門勞動仲裁制度的思考,《澳門法律改革與法制建設》,Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2011

Journal Articles

  • “Analysis of Macau Judicial Protection of Diffuse Interests”, Macau Law Review (forthcoming)
  • “Recepção e Evolução da União de Facto em Macau”, Boletim da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Macau (forthcoming)
  • “Algumas Reflexões sobre a Cobrança Transfronteiriça de Dívidas de Jogo”, Boletim da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Macau, n. 43, 2018, pp. 141-149
  • “澳門民事執行分權改革探討”,Macau Journal of Law and Politics,7 (1), 2018, pp. 51-63
  • “A Lei da Arbitragem Voluntária Interna na Região Administrativa Especial de Macau: Reflexões a propósito da Ordem Pública Interna e dos Critérios de Arbitrabilidade Objectiva (de Iure Condendo)” (co-author), Revista de Direito Público, 2017, pp. 51-79
  • “Algumas Notas de Iure Condendo sobre a Distribuição Dinâmica do Ónus da Prova no Direito Probatório Material da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau” (co-author), Revista de Administração Pública de Macau, 2017, pp. 203-233
  • “A Distribuição Dinâmica do Ónus da Prova no Direito Processual Civil de Portugal e da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau” (co-author), Scientia Ivridica, 2017, pp. 41-68
  • “A Privacidade Temática e a Privacidade Espacial nos Casinos da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau: Algumas Notas à Luz do Conceito de Ambiente Inteligente” (co-author), Revista de Administração Pública de Macau, 2016, pp. 239-262
  • “葡萄牙刑法中的法人犯罪歸責制度”,Macau Law Review, 30/1, 2016, pp.161-174
  • “Product Liability in Europe and China” (co-author), China Legal Science, 3 (4), 2015, pp. 60-83
  • “澳門非婚同居法律解析”,《澳門法制研究會會刊》, 2011, pp. 72-87

Conference Papers

  • Corporate Governance in China, Seminar on Company Law in Mainland China, Macau and Mozambique, Faculty of Law of the University of Macau, 2018
  • Enhancing Access to an Effective Enforcement in Macau, Public or Private Enforcement? A Comparative Perspective, Faculty of Law of the University of Macau, 2018
  • Regulation and Coordination of Prescriptio, Symposium on Mission of Private Law, Law School of Beijing Normal University, 2018
  • Reflections on Civil Enforcement Reform in Portugal, International Conference of Civil Procedure Law: Reform and Future Orientation, Justice Affairs Department of Macau Government, 2017
  • Some Thoughts on Cross-Border Enforcement of Gaming Debts, Tenth International Conference on the Legal Reform of Macau in the Global Context – Gaming Law, Faculty of Law of the University of Macau, 2017
  • Strengthening the Consumer Collective Action Through Litigation Funding, International Conference on Consumer Policy in a Comparative Perspective: New Challenge in Chinese, European, and International Law, Faculty of Law of the University of Macau, 2017
  • On Statute of Limitations and Application of Article 188 of the General Principles of Civil Law of PRC in time,The Fifteenth Forum on Civil Law of Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, Civil and Commercial Law Research Center of Renmin University of China, China Civil Law Society, Soochow University, 2017
  • Special Concession System for Public Land in the Macao SAR, The Fifth Forum on Property Law of Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, The University of Hong Kong, 2017
  • From Judge to Baliff in Charge of Enforcement, 2016 Annual Seminar of China Civil Procedure Law Society on Theory and Legislation of Enforcement, 2016
  • TheLegislative Status and Development of Group Litigation in Macau, The Second Legal Forum of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, Shenzhen University, 2016
  • Analysis of Consumer Collective Actions in China, Second International Conference “Consumer Policy in China: New Trends and Challenges”, Faculty of Law of the University of Macau, 2016
  • Judicial Protection of Diffuse Interests, Taiwan Tunghai University, 2016
  • Analysis of Judicial Relief in case of Violation of Foreign Jurisdiction Agreements, Sun Yat-Sen University, 2015

Other Roles

  • Editor: Portuguese Legal Classics
  • Editorial Board Member: Macau Law Review
  • Member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Law
  • Former member of UM Senate (2014-2016)
  • Former member of Academic Quality Assurance Committee (2014-2016)

Professional Affiliation

  • Portuguese Bar Association
  • International Association of Procedural Law