Date: 04 December 2020
Time: 09:30 to 21:00
Venue: E32-G020, Faculty of Law, University of Macau

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The UNCITRAL Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific and the Faculty of Law, University of Macau, will host the UNCITRAL RCAP-UM Joint Conference 2020, the event celebrating the 2020 UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Day, titled “Embracing Legal Harmonization as a Panacea for the Challenges Facing International Trade at Times of Global Pandemic” at the University of Macau, Macau SAR, on 04 December 2020.The conference is co-organized by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Regional Center of Asia Pacific (Incheon, Republic of Korea) and Faculty of Law University of Macau (Macau SAR, China), and supported by World Trade Center Macau Arbitration Center.

Conference Introduction

As the core legal body of the United Nations system in the field of international trade law, the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) seeks to progressively harmonize and modernize trade laws by preparing and promoting the adoption and use of legislative and non-legislative instruments in a number of key areas of commercial law. UNCITRAL RCAP (Incheon, Republic of Korea) was inaugurated in 2012 to promote the work of UNCITRAL in the Asia-Pacific region and provide technical assistance to the states with respect to the implementation and uniform interpretation of UNCITRAL texts, thereby diminishing legal obstacles to global commercial transactions.

University of Macau, founded in 1981, is the leading comprehensive public university in Macau. It is resourceful and ambitious educational institution, with unique Sino-European heritage and global connections. In 2017, it has been ranked within the top-50 universities in Asia by the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings. Since 2019 it is ranked within the top-100 Asian University Rankings in QS World University Rankings. In 2020 the Faculty of Law of University of Macau, which is the oldest law school in Macau, was ranked 91 among law schools in QS World University Rankings.

Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China has established itself as a top gaming and tourism destination in Asia. It is a global city endowed with a well-developed infrastructure for trade and industry. Macau adheres to the free market economy and has in place a simple and low taxation system, autonomous customs and widespread international market network. Macau is currently advancing towards moderate economic diversification, striving to become a regional economic and trade services platform, with the ability to provide quality service to investors and traders from all over the world. With its unique historical and cultural background, Macau has also been designated as a platform for promoting economic and trade exchanges between China and Lusophonic Countries.

On 04 of December 2020 the UNCITRAL RCAP-UM Joint Conference, an event celebrating the 2020 UNCITRAL Asia Pacific Day, is scheduled in the University of Macau (Macau SAR). This is the eighth annual conference rising from the successful cooperation between the UNCITRAL Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific (RCAP) and University of Macau since 2014.

Tracks of the Conference

Program of the Conference

The UNCITRAL RCAP-UM Joint Conference 2020 brings together a group of distinguished experts and scholars to analyze contemporary issues related to the current agenda of UNCITRAL, also as the emerging practices and legal instruments resulting from its works. The conference will focus on the following topics:

I. The 40th Anniversary of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

The CISG is a fundamental international trade law treaty which establishes comprehensive of legal rules governing the contracts for the international sale of goods 40 years later, it is still the object of legal interest. The track will explore the CISG as a tool for global trade from theoretical and practical perspectives. Expert speakers will share their insights on the past, present and future inputs of the CISG to the international sales law, with the highlight of its meaning for international trade within Lusophonic area and Macau SAR. Particular attention will be given to the Portugal accession to the CISG on 23 September 2020.

II. Challenges facing international trade and commerce arising from COVID-19 pandemic and the role of UNCITRAL legal instruments.

The 2020 indeed is the global challenge for world economy in general, and practices of international trade in particular That is why the track 2 specifically addresses the impact that COVID-19 measures have had on the legal regulation of international trade, also as on the role of UNCITRAL in the process of response and recovery. The track topic covers the following:

–           UNCITRAL initiatives for insolvency proceedings and resolving financial distress of MSMEs in global context of pandemic,

–           the role of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records and a legal enabler of paperless trade,

–           provisions of the UNCITRAL Legislative Guide on PPPs against the backdrop of Covid-19,

–           international dispute resolution evolution during the Covid-19 crisis, etc.

III. UNCITRAL’s current and future work on digital trade

The activity of Working Group IV of UNCITRAL focuses on the most emergent technological developments and no modern technology is excluded from the scope of attention. The Sixtieth session of the Working Group IV is dedicated on the use and cross-border recognition of identity management and trust services. The track primarily covers the sustainable development as a new trade usage in international sale of goods and E-commerce, legal regulation of E-commerce and other entrepreneurial activities conducted with digital technologies, digital technologies for alternative methods of resolving disputes, legal regalements of E-signature and other challenges of application of digital technologies in international trade.

At the same time, the existing UNCITRAL works are relevant to other issues of the use of technology. Transferable documents and instruments are essential commercial tools which availability in electronic form is beneficial for facilitating electronic commerce and particularly relevant for certain areas including finance (“fintech”) blockchain, cloud computing, internet of things, etc.

IV. Harmonization of international trade law and the future of alternative dispute resolution.

In May 2020 the joint statement was issued by arbitral institutions where parties and arbitrators were encouraged to mitigate the effects of any impediments caused by the pandemic, while guaranteeing the fairness and efficiency of arbitral proceedings, to collaborate among institutions and to use of digital technology in resolving disputes remotely. This track will address the emergency practices of international dispute resolution that were developed as a response to the current situation.

Date and Venue

The conference will be held on 04 December 2020. The venue of the conference is E32-G020, Faculty of Law, University of Macau, Macau SAR (澳門大學法學院(E32) G020室).

Registration for the Conference

The participation is free of charge. Participants can apply for registration in advance and obtain confirmation in order to secure a place in the conference.

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