Dear Students,



The Faculty of Law now invites eligible students of Bachelor of Law, Master of Law and Doctor of Philosophy in Law Programmes for application of Outgoing Exchange Programme.

Students will have opportunities to study law related courses for the 1st semester in Academic Year 2023/2024 in the listed universities in the “Outbound Exchange and Scholarship Application System”.



Application Period


13 – 31 January 2023


Application System


For students who are interested, applications should be made via the “Outbound Exchange and Scholarship Application System” (website: https://isw.um.edu.mo/seas).

有興趣的學生需透過“赴外交流與獎學金申請系統”(https://isw.um.edu.mo/seas) 提交申請。


Students can download the User Guide from the System (on the top right corner of the webpage) and follow the application procedures.



Application Documents


Please fill in the requested information and submitted the following documents via the online application system

1.      Academic Qualification (latest transcript shall be uploaded by the applicant);

2.      Curriculum Vitae (Photo, Experience, Awards, Perosnal Skills);

3.      Travel documents (e.g. passport);

4.      Language Proficiency Certificate (if any) and;

5.      Other Supporting Document (e.g. Course Selection Form)


*For the course selection form, please submit the endorsed original copy to the Faculty Office (E32-1003) during office hour after submitted via the online system.

**Hard copy/email/incomplete application will not be considered.



1.      學歷 (需自行上載最新成績單)

2.      簡歷 (照片、經歷、獎項、個人技能等)

3.      旅行證件 (如護照)

4.      語言能力證明 (如有)

5.      其他證明文件 (如選課表)


*在網上系統提交申請後,請於辦公時間內親臨學院辦公室(E32-1003) 提交經確認的選課表原件。



Important Reminders



Students are only allowed to create and submit one (1) application form in this call, with a maximum of 6 Exchange Programmes/ Study Abroad Programmes, i.e. 3 University-level Programmes (i.e. GAO programmmes) and 3 Unit-level Programmes (i.e. programmes offered by students’ own unit).

學生只能在本次召集中創建和提交一份申請表,最多有 6 個交換項目/留學項目,即 3 個大學級項目(GAO 項目)和 3 個院級項目(學院提供)。


Student should make sure whether he/she is applying for Exchange Programme or Study Abroad Programme. Exchange Application should be created under “Outbound Exchange” while study abroad application should be created under “Outbound Study Abroad”.



Please be reminded that this is the application stage only. Whether the exchange programmes of 2023/2024 1st Semester will be continued as scheduled depends on the immigration restriction or other related factors. Students should check the visa application procedures which may not be feasible due to COVID-19, before applying international programmes.



Please note exchange students need to obtain comprehensive insurance, complete at least 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccination and sign a Participant Declaration prior to the departure at their own expenses.



Please read carefully the “Rules for Semester-based Outgoing Exchange Programmes”, related rules or guidelines and pay attention to the insurance and minimum enrollment requirement before submitting the application. For details, please refer to the following link:






Eligible students may apply the Outgoing Exchange Scholarship from the Global Affairs Office. For details, please refer to the following link:








Should you have any enquiries, please contact Ms. Regine Wong/Ms. Joan Chiang at 8822 4770 /8822 4071 or email at fll_pg@um.edu.mo.

如有任何查詢,請聯絡黃小姐或鄭小姐,電話:8822 4770/8822 4071 或電郵:fll_pg@um.edu.mo


General Office of Faculty of Law



Course Selection Form

Rules for Semester-based Outgoing Exchange Programmes