Do you want to join us? We do offer you the opportunity to complete your Bachelor degree, as well as to get your Master or PhD, being a matter of fact that we have successfully prepared hundreds of excellent lawyers that undertake the most relevant positions in Macau SAR.

The Faculty of Law offers the Bachelor in Law in Chinese Language, as well as in Portuguese, aside from our Bilingual Programme, aiming thus to prepare excellent legal professionals that will serve Macau.

Being our legal system a Portuguese based one, this is a unique opportunity for any student from Macau S.A.R., People’s Republic of China or from any Portuguese Speaking Country or Brazil to join us to learn Law and to do a bridge between China and the Portuguese Speaking Countries.

On another hand, here you will have the chance to learn Chinese!

The University of Macau may offer some scholarship to students coming from abroad.

Our Campus has exceptional facilities, such as Residential Colleges where students can live in, a great Library, lakes, relaxing spaces and the proximity to the Professors, which is for sure a plus.

We also have had several students in the past years up to the time being who have chosen to join us through an exchange program. These students have really appreciated such experiences, not only because here they can learn Law which is quite similar as in their home County, but also because, being in this side of the World, they are entitled an unique opportunity to explore Asia!

So, come to study with us, don’t waste this chance!

For details please visit our Global Affairs Office.