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課程主任 – 澳門法律導論課程

Academic Qualifications/Experiences

  • PhD on Private International Law, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • LLM on Commercial Law (international) , University of Aberdeen
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Tong Ji Medical University (now Science and Technology University of Central China)
  • Diploma of Law (3 years), Zhejiang University
  • Qualification of Judge, PRC
  • Qualification of Lawyer, PRC
  • Visiting Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge University, 2010 (now a life member of Clare Hall College, Cambridge)


Teaching Area

Undergraduate Courses:

  • BLCL401/LCCL401 Private International Law
  • PLML209 Private International Law

Postgraduate Courses:

  • IMLE213 Resolution of International Commercial Disputes
  • MMIB/PLIB006 Legal Issues of Transnational Contracts
  • MJDS014 Private International Law
  • Common Law
  • Comparative Legal Systems
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Legal Research and Methodology


Research Area

  • Private Inter-national/regional law
  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • International Commercial Law
  • Comparative Private Law (Law of Obligations: Medical Liability).


Selected Publications

1. Books:

  1. Guangjian Tu, A Study on A Global Jurisdiction and Judgments Convention, Sweet & Maxwell/UM, Hong Kong, 2009, pp. 348 + xxvi (ISBN 9789626613740).
  2. 涂广建,«澳门国际私法»,中国社会科学文献出版社/澳门基金会,2013, 共351页 (ISBN 9787509739860).
  3. Guangjian Tu, Private International Law in China, Springer, Singapore London New York Heidelberg Dordrecht, 2016, pp. 192 + xi (ISBN 9789812879929).


2. Book Chapters:

  1.  Guangjian Tu, “Macau Codification of Private International Law” in Salvatore Mancuso & Tong Io Cheng (ed.), XVIIIth International Congress on Comparative Law: Macau Regional Reports, Imprensa Wah Ha, Macau, 2010, pp. 90-108.
  2. Guangjian Tu, “the Brussels Convention and I Regulation on Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments — A Diluted Success of the EU” in P. C. de Castro (ed.), the European Union at 50: Assessing the Past, Looking ahead, Macau, 2010, pp. 465-92 (ISBN 978-99965-1-012-0).
  3.  Guangjian Tu“‘Obligation in Question’ in Article 5 (1) of the Brussels Convention and I Regulation” in Tong Io Cheng & Salvatore Mancuso (ed.), the New Frontier of Comparative Law, Lexis-Nexis, Hong Kong, 2013, pp. 279-86.
  4. Guangjian Tu, “Proof of and Information about Foreign Law in Macau” in Yuko Nishitani (ed.), Treatment of Foreign Law—Dynamics towards Convergence?, Springer, Switzerland, 2017, pp. 541-49.
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  6. Guangjian Tu & Zeyu Huang, “People’s Republic of China: Optional Choice of Court Agreements in the Vibrant Age” in Mary Keyes (ed.), Optional Choice of Court Agreements in Private International Law, Springer, Switzerland, 2019, pp. 151-168.
  7. Guangjian Tu & Si Chen, “Private International Law Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility: China (PRC)” in Catherine­ Kessedjian & Humberto­ Cantú­Rivera (ed.), Private International Law Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility, Springer, 2020, pp. 257-83.
  8. 涂广建:香港国际私法,载黄进教授主编 «中国大百科全书:法学篇(国际私法)»,2021, 第211-212页。
  9. 涂广建:澳门国际私法,载黄进教授主编 «中国大百科全书:法学篇(国际私法)»,2021, 第213-214页。
  10. Guangjian Tu, “The Hague Choice of Law Principles in Macau” in J. Neels & Y. Nishitani et al (ed.), The Hague Principles on Choice of Law for International Commercial Contracts, OUP, England, 2021, pp. 588-97.


3. Academic publications in widely-circulated international journals:

  1.  Guangjian Tu, “The Hague Choice of Court Convention–A Chinese Perspective” (2007) 55 American Journal of Comparative Law pp. 347-66.【SSCI】 [SJR, Q2]
  2. Guangjian Tu, “Forum non Conveniens in the Federal Courts of the United States–An Update” (2007) 54 Netherlands International Law Review, pp. 529-37. [SJR, Q3]
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  24. Guangjian Tu & Tiezheng Yang, “The Doctrine of Public Policy in Chinese Inter-regional Conflict of Laws” (2023) 14 Czech Yearbook of International Law pp. 109-136. [SJR, Q3]


4. Academic articles published in the core legal journals of the Mainland China:

  1.  Guangjian Tu, “The 2007 Interpretation of the Supreme People’s Court on Contractual Choice of Law in China: Comments and Analysis” (2011) 6 Frontiers of Law in China, Springer, pp. 670-87. [SJR, Q3]
  2. 涂广建, “澳门冲突法体系介评”,13 «中国国际私法和比较法年刊» 2010,北京大學出版社, 第543-574页。【CSSCI集刊
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5. Local publications:

  1. Guangjian Tu, “A Reflection on the Rigidity of the Brussels Regime” (2008) 8 Journal of Juridical Science, Macau, pp. 1-38.
  2. Guangjian Tu, “‘Obligation in Question’ in Article 5 (1) of the Brussels Convention and I Regulation”, 26 the Bulletin of Faculty of Law, UM, 2011, pp.169-77.
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6. Translation Works

《珠海市国际仲裁院仲裁规则》从中文到英文,见 http://www.zhac.org.cn/?cat=3 最先发表于2021年10月1日。


7. Public Seminars & Conference Presentations are largely left out because of the large number. A few important ones are:

  1. “China’s New Conflicts Code: Some Selected Issues”, conducted in Clare Hall, Cambridge University in November 2010.
  2. “China’s Ambition to Build Up the Highland for Resolution of International Commercial Disputes: Some Recent Attempts”, conducted for the Max Plank Institute of Comparative and Private International Law at Hamburg in January 2023.
  3. “Mediation in Macau”, conducted for the Preparatory Conference for the establishment of International Organization for Mediation in Hong Kong in April 2023.
  4. “Private International Law: the Goal of Uniformity v. the Approach of Scission”, conducted for the Journal of Private International Law Conference in Singapore in August 2023.
  5. “The Hague Principles on Choice of Law for International Commercial Contracts”, invited by the Secretary General of the Hague Conference on Private International Law to be conducted for the HCCH Asia Pacific Week in September 2023.


Selected Professional Affiliations & Academic Activities

A member of the Governing Council of the Association for Great China Judicial Studies

A member of the Standing Committee on the Study of Foreign-related Trial Work of PRC

A member of the Governing Council of the Chinese Society of Private International Law

A Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge University

A member of the American Society of International Law

An associate member of the International Academy of Comparative Law

An editor of Chinese Journal of International Law (SSCI-indexed)

An editor of Humanities & Social Sciences Communications (SSCI-indexed)

An editor for the blog: www.conflictoflaws.net, which is the most prominent one for Private International Law all over the world.

A visiting professor of China University of Political Science and Law and Guangdong University for Finance and Economics and others.

A consulting expert for the Centre of Proof of Foreign Law of East China University of Political Science and Law

Frequently consulted by the Supreme People’s Court, especially for the Judgment Arrangement between Hong Kong and Mainland China in 2018 and also frequently consulted by the Guangdong High People’s Court.

In 2017, as a member of the Chinese Delegation, attended the Hague negotiation on the 2019 Judgments Convention.

Interviewed by CGTN and broadcasted live on 20 December 2019, spanning a few hours.

Interviewed by CETV-1 and broadcasted live on 6 September 2021.

Arbitrators in Zhuhai, Nansha, Shenzhen, Guangzhou Arbitration Commissions etc.

Provided expert’s opinions for Australian Court, New Zealand Court, Mainland China’s court, Macau Court and some arbitration institutions.

Having acted as a referee for many presses, journals, research-projects assessment and universities in PhD examinations or other matters, inter alia, Cambridge University Press, Journal of Private International Law, Hong Kong Law Journal (SSCI-indexed), Chinese Journal of International Law (SSCI-indexed), Asia Pacific Law Review (SSCI-indexed), The China Review (SSCI-indexed), International Journal of Cultural Policy (SSCI-indexed), Humanities & Social Sciences Communications (SSCI),Chinese Journal of Comparative Law (ESSCI), Chinese Journal of Transnational Law, China Review of International Law, University of Melbourne (Australia), City University of Hong Kong, Macau University of Science and Technology, Chang Jiang University etc.