Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor of Laws of the European University Institute (EUI), Florence (2011)
  • Master of Research in Private International Law and International Trade, University Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne (with distinction) (2007)
  • Double Degree Program in Italian and French Law, University Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne and University of Florence (summa cum laude) (2006)

Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • International Litigation and Arbitration

Taught Courses

  • Consumer Protection Law
  • Private International Law
  • Law of the European Internal Market
  • Introduction to the Common Law

Other Qualifications

  • Admitted to practice law in France (CAPA Examination, 2014)
  • Member of the Paris Bar (2014-2017, currently on leave)
  • ACiarb (Associate of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London)

Previous Working Experience

  • Research Fellow in Private International Law, British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) (2017-2021)
  • Senior Researcher in European Law, University of Lausanne (2017-2018)
  • Senior Lecturer, University of London International Programs at the University of Seychelles (2015-2017)
  • Associate of an international law firm in Paris (2012-2015)

Individual Grants and Awards

  • Selected as the sole beneficiary of a fund awarded by the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Lausanne (2017-2019)
  • Grant of the Florence Bar Foundation (2011)
  • Grant of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007-2011)
  • Grant of the European University Institute (EUI) for Doctoral Candidates (2010-211)
  • Prize of the Italian Society of International Law (2008)

Legislative Work

  • Senior Expert & Co-author of the final report, Study on the Rome II Regulation, published by the European Commission (here)
  • National Expert (France) in the INTERLEX project (European Union’s Justice programme under Grant Agreement No.800839)

Academic Publications


  • L’ordonnance européene de saisie conservatoire. Belgique, Luxembourg, Legtech (2021) p. 536 (with Prof. G. Cuniberti)
  • The European Account Preservation Order. A Commentary, Cambridge University Press (May 2018), p. 488 (with Prof. G. Cuniberti)

Peer-reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

  • Articles 14 -19, in A. Bonomi, P. Wautelet (eds), Le droit européen des relations patrimoniales de couple, Bruylant, 2021, pp. 519-562
  • Juridiction and Law Applicable to Internet Torts and Contracts: the French experience, in Robert Shuman Centre for Advanced Studies, Working Papers Series (2021)
  • One Principle to Rule them All? Anatomy of Mutual Trust in AFSJ Law, Common Market Law Review, (2020) pp. 7-44 (with Prof. F. Maiani)
  • “The Framework of Judicial Cooperation after Brexit”, BIICL, (2019) (with Prof. E. Lein and Constance Bonze)
  • La procédure d’ordonnance européenne de saisie conservatoire des comptes bancaires établie par le règlement UE no 655/2014. Aspects de droit international privé, Revue Critique de Droit International Privé, 2018, pp. 30-51 (with Prof. G. Cuniberti)
  • The French Supreme Court clarifies the implications for the ordre public of the act abolishing the prohibition of same sex marriages, GenIUS, 2015, no. 2, pp. 268-275 (with Prof. M. Moschel)
  • Arbitrato e concorrenza: limiti e prospettive di una convivenza, Bocconi Legal Papers (2014), pp. 91-114 (with Valentine Chessa)
  • Aspetti internazionalprivatistici della legge francese “Mariage pour tous”, Rivista di Diritto Internazionale (2014), pp. 197-205
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  • Delocalizzazioni di imprese e azioni sindacali secondo la sentenza Viking, Rivista di Diritto Internazionale (2008), pp. 776-788