The  Faculty of  Law  has produced a great array of  students,  who are now successfully  leading different career path.  The past students have invariably found the Programme to be a  stepping stone in their  career. The  knowledge  and  skills  learnt  in the  Programme  have either  helped them  move up the  ladder in  their existing career or have opened up new career paths altogether.
The past students work for a range of governmental  and  non-governmental organization both within and  outside Macau. Many have consolidated their professional practice and have acquired the potential to open up new practice areas. The past students have also been quite successful in entering into the legal profession in China, after qualifying the national professional exam for legal practice. Some of our past students are employed by leading law firms in China in major cities. Our past students have also chosen to pursue their career back in Europe after successfully acquiring the qualification. The Programme maintains an informal network of Alumni students, who would continue to cooperate with the Programme and the current students, whose mentorship as well as anchorage role are indispensable for the continued success of the Programme.