The Faculty of law establishes the “Department of Macao Legal Studies” in order to respond to the increasing request from the Macao society that the Faculty of Law of UM shall serve the local need with related to legal affairs, by nurturing more students with proficient knowledge and skills of law and by acting as a think tank for the government and public entities. The Department also strives to integrate the strength of research on Macao Law from the staff of different programmes and with different language backgrounds.

Programmes under Department of Macao Legal Studies

  1. Bachelor of Law in Portuguese Language;
  2. Bachelor of Law in Chinese Language (Daytime and Evening);
  3. Bachelor of Law (Conducted in Chinese and Portuguese);
  4. Introduction to Macau Law Programme;
  5. Master of Law in Portuguese Language;
  6. Master of Law in Legal Translation;
  7. Master of Law in Macau Law and Practice.