The essential objective of the Bachelor of Law Programme at the Faculty of Law is to prepare students to be jurists and be familiar with Macau legal system. Our law graduates are able to practice legal professions and theoretical research on Macau Law in and outside Macau that require mastery of Chinese and Portuguese languages. The teaching methodology at the Faculty of Law is fundamentally of Roman-German or European Continental tradition, stressing on scientific and pedagogic qualities with special emphasis on practical aspects. In accordance with the characteristics of the legal system, society and way of life in Macau, and in the context of progressive globalisation in addition to a deep and extensive study of Macau Law, the study plan includes subjects in Chinese Law, Portuguese Law, International Law, Comparative Law, Chinese and Portuguese Languages ​​and other general education subjects.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

  • Interpret legal norms and principles of Macao Law with the ability to work in wide range of careers in the legal system.
  • Read and assimilate complex legal texts.
  • Make reasoned arguments to legal questions.
  • Identify the legal issues that are raised by a question or factual situation.

Study Plan

  • Study Plan (Admitted in or after Academic Year 2018/2019)
  • Study Plan (Admitted in or after Academic Year 2017/2018)
  • Study Plan(Admitted in or after Academic Year 2014/2015)

Course Description and Pre-requisite Requirements

Pedagogical Regulations

Course Outline