2023年2月, “新華薦書” 第十七期評審會議在北京舉行。10本圖書入選 “新華薦書” 2023年開年推薦圖書。澳門大學人文社科高等研究院院長於興中教授的著作《數字素養:從演算法社會到網絡3.0》 ...

Congratulations to Dr. Du Li from our Faculty for winning the Best Teaching Award of the Center for Continuing Education of the University of Macau

To encourage and commend teaching staff who have outstanding teaching performance in continuing educ ...

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Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law offers bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and postgraduate certificate programmes in the Chinese, Portuguese and English languages. The bachelor’s programmes is to prepare jurists who are familiar with Macau SAR legal system; the master’s and doctoral programmes purport to educate knowledgeable and qualified legal professional jurists who are competent to conduct theoretical research and teaching in Macau Law, Comparative Law, European Law, International Law and International Business Law.

The teaching system of the Faculty basically follows the Roman-German regime with strict standards in teaching style, student recruitment and examination. The faculty members consist of legal experts from Macau, Mainland China, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, India and other countries.

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