Have questions? Come and talk to our Academic Advisors !

Our advisors are:

Bachelor of Law in Chinese Language (Daytime and Evening)
Bachelor of Law (Conducted in Chinese and Portuguese)
  • Cheng Hang LEONG
    Tel: 8822 4141
    Email: chleong@um.edu.mo
    Hours: Monday 09h30-10h30, Tuesday 09h30-10h30
Bachelor of Law in Portuguese Language
Bachelor of Law in Chinese Law and Global Legal Studies
  • Ke LI
    Tel: 8822 4775
    Email: kellyli@um.edu.mo
    Hours: Monday 09h00~10h00, Tuesday 09h00~10h00


Academic Advisors are here to provide general advice on:

  • Study plan
  • Course selection
  • Study methods

How to contact your Academic Advisors:

  • Walk-in during office hours
  • Make appointments via emails
  • Make phone calls