NameAdjunct Title
Prof. Billy Kee-long SOAdjunct Chair ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesAdjunct Chair Professor of Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (IAS)
Adjunct Chair Professor of Faculty of Law
University of MacauMacau
Prof. António Pinto MonteiroAdjunct ProfessorMacao Legal StudiesFull ProfessorFaculty of Law, University of CoimbraPortugal
Prof. Chen Duanhong (陳端洪)Adjunct ProfessorMacao Legal StudiesProfessorPeking University Law SchoolChina (Mainland)
Dr. Chen Zuoer (陳佐洱)Adjunct ProfessorMacao Legal StudiesFormer DirectorChinese Association of Hong Kong and Macau StudiesChina (Mainland)
Prof. Han Dayuan (韓大元)Adjunct ProfessorMacao Legal StudiesProfessor Renmin University of China Law SchoolChina (Mainland)
Prof. Han Dongxue (韓冬雪)Adjunct ProfessorMacao Legal StudiesAssociate Dean and ProfessorSchool of Marxism, Tsinghua UniversityChina (Mainland)
Prof. Wang Zhenmin (王振民)Adjunct ProfessorMacao Legal StudiesProfessorSchool of Law, Tsinghua UniversityChina (Mainland)
Dr. Wang Morbey Wei (王薇)Adjunct Assistant ProfessorMacao Legal StudiesFormer Assistant Professor of LawFaculty of Law, University of MacauMacau
Prof. Zhao Guoqiang (趙國強)Adjunct ProfessorMacao Legal StudiesAdjunct ProfessorFaculty of Law, University of MacauMacau
Prof. Zou Pingxue (鄒平學)Adjunct ProfessorMacao Legal StudiesProfessor/Director/DirectorShenzhen University/Center for Basic Laws of Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions, Shenzhen University/The Hong Kong, Macao and International Studies Center, Shenzhen UniversityChina (Mainland)
Prof. Anabela Maria Pinto de Miranda RodriguesAdjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesFull Professor University of CoimbraPortugal
Prof. Anthony CartyAdjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesProfessor of International LawBeijing Institute of TechnologyChina (Mainland)
Prof. Bea VerschraegenAdjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesRetired Professor and Former Chair Professor of Private International Law and Comparative LawThe Law Faculty, University of ViennaAustria
Prof. Dário Moura VicenteAdjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesFull ProfessorFaculty of Law, University of LisbonPortugal
Prof. Francis SnyderAdjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesC.V. Starr Professor of Law, EU Jean Monne Professor ad personam and  Director of Centre for Research  on Transnational LawPeking School of Transnational Law, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate SchoolChina (Mainland)
Prof. Guy LefebvreAdjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesFull ProfessorFaculty of Law, University of MontrealChina (Mainland)
Prof. Huang Jin (黃進)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesProfessor of Law and Former RectorChina University of Political Science and LawChina (Mainland)
Prof. Manuel Carlos Lopes PortoAdjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesEmeritus Professor (Prof. Catedrático Jubilado)Faculty of Law, University of CoimbraPortugal
Prof. Mauro BussaniAdjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesFull Professor of Comparative LawUniversity of Trieste Law School Italy
Prof. Rao Geping (饒戈平)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesHonorary DeanThe Hong Kong and Macau Research Institute of Peking UniversityChina (Mainland)
Prof. Sun Xianzhong (孫憲忠)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesProfessor and Research fellowGraduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Science and Institute of Law of Chinese Academy of Social ScienceChina (Mainland)
Prof. Sun Youhai (孫佑海)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesDean and ProfessorFaculty of Law, Tianjin UniversityChina (Mainland)
Prof. Wang Guiguo (王貴國)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesPresident/ProfessorAcademy of International Strategy and Law, Zhejiang University/Law School, Zhejiang UniversityChina (Mainland)
Prof. Yang Lixin (楊立新)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesFull Professor and ResearcherCivil and Commercial Law Research Center, Renmin UniversityChina (Mainland)
Prof. Huang Yong (黃勇)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesProfessor and Director of Economic LawSchool of Law, China University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)China (Mainland)
Prof. Lin Yanping (林燕萍)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesProfessor, Doctoral supervisorSchool of International Law, East China University of Political Science and LawChina (Mainland)
Prof. Zhou Hanmin (周漢民)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesDeanShanghai Institute of SocialismChina (Mainland)
Mr. Feng Wei (馮巍)Adjunct Professor (in Practice)Global Legal StudiesFormer Deputy DirectorThe Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State CouncilChina (Mainland)
Prof . Cui Guobin (崔國斌)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesProfessor and Former Associate Dean;
Director of the Center for Intellectual Property
School of Law, Tsinghua UniversityChina (Mainland)
Prof. Yee Sienho (易顯河)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesProfessor of International Law and Director of Chinese Institute of International LawChina Foreign Affairs UniversityChina (Mainland)
Prof. Guo Li (郭靂)Adjunct ProfessorGlobal Legal StudiesDean of Law SchoolPeking University, Beijing, ChinaChina (Mainland)