Guoqiang ZHAOAdjunct ProfessorUniversity of MacauMacau
Alberto MAZZONIChair Professor/PresidentCatholic University of Milan/Unidroit Governing CouncilItaly
Anabela Maria Pinto DE MIRANDA RODRIGUESProfessor/DeanFaculty of Law, University of CoimbraPortugal
Anthony CARTYProfessorFaculty of Law of the University of Hong KongHong Kong
Antonio Pinto MONTEIROProfessorFaculty of Law, University of CoimbraPortugal
Bea VERSCHRAEGENProfessorFaculty of Law, University of ViennaAustria
Zuoer CHENProfessorFaculty of Law, University of ViennaChina (Mainland)
Dario Moura VICENTProfessor/PresidentInstitute of Juridical Cooperation, Faculty of Law, University of LisbonPortugal
Francis SNYDERProfessor/Co-DirectorHague Academy of International Law, Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International RelationsNetherlands
Guy LEFEBVREProfessor/DeanFaculty of Law, University of MontrealCanada
Jin HUANGProfessor/PresidentChina University of Political Science and LawChina (Mainland)
Manuel PORTOEmeritus ProfessorFaculty of Law, University of CoimbraPortugal
Mauro BUSSANIProfessorFaculty of Law, University of TriesteItaly
Geping RAOProfessorLaw School, Peking UniversityChina (Mainland)
Xianzhong SUNProfessor/DirectorCivil Law Sector, Law Institute, Chinese Academy of Social ScienceChina (Mainland)
Youhai SUNProfessor/DirectorChina Institute of Applied Jurisprudence (CIAJ) of The Supreme People's Court of ChinaChina (Mainland)
Guiguo WANGProfessor/DeanSchool of Law, City University of Hong KongHong Kong
Lixin YANGProfessor/DirectorCivil and Commercial Jurisprudence Research Centre, Renmin University of ChinaChina (Mainland)
Ze XUAdjunct Professor in PracticeDirector of Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macau StudiesChina (Mainland)