The Faculty of Law of the University of Macau has been offering since 2006/2007 a graduate program in International Business Law, which is open to both students with a law degree and those with degrees from other disciplines. It offers a great opportunity for persons involved and interested in regulatory challenges related to global business (such as international trade, finance, dispute resolution, commercial contracts, intellectual property, gaming or other sectors).

Particularly in the age of economic globalization, it is fundamental to be aware of a variety of global legal and regulatory standards set by national and international bodies that are in force both in Macau and in other regions of the world, including the mainland of China, Hong Kong, the European Union, the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and many other countries or regions.

To meet the serious challenges in the world of business today, the program has a flexible structure. It first includes the traditional areas of business regulation, such as WTO and Regional Trade Law, Transnational Law, or Dispute Resolution. Complementing these courses, the program also provides a practical introduction to the comparative method, to interdisciplinary problem solving and research methodology as well as legal writing in the English language. In the second semester, various electives are offered, which allow the participants to select courses in accordance with their individual interest and specialization. These cover among others, courses on Intellectual Property Law in the Creative Economy, Macau and Comparative Gaming Law, Money Laundering and Anti-Corruption Law, Commercial Contracts, Company Law, Consumer Protection law or other specialized courses such as a course on Business Law in the BRICS Countries. A full list of courses can be found below.

Macau is a small but open economy. Usually described as a unique place where “East Meets West” and where “Old and New coexist” side by side, as it is visible in its historic centre inscribed in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites ( and the gigantic casino complexes on the Macau Peninsula and the so-called “Cotai Strip” located between the Islands of Taipa and Coloane.

Macau was described as having a rich diversity, thriving economy and vibrant culture as well as long history as a “port of strategic importance in the development of international trade” (UNESCO 2005). As both an inalienable part and Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China and a separate Member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Macau can be understood as a “glocal player” and “micro-laboratory”, ideal to observe, analyze and study the legal challenges that societies around the world face in the regulation of global business.

Key Features

  • The program is taught in English language.
  • Diverse teaching staff with a strong practical and theoretical focus, a diverse legal background and knowledge of different jurisdictions, legal disciplines and legal traditions.
  • Focus on comparative and interdisciplinary research and problem-solving skills allowing participants to adapt to a rapidly changing “glocal” (i.e. both global and local) environment.

Study Plan

Course Description

Pedagogic Regulation

Teaching Staff

Current Teaching Staff

Prof. R. Neuwirth (University of Macau)
Prof. A. Svetlicinii (University of Macau)
Prof. A.Garcia (University of Macau)
Prof. P. Castro (University of Macau)
Prof. M. Perumal (University of Macau)
Prof. Guangjian Tu (University of Macau)
Prof. S. Verhoeven (University of Macau)
Prof. F. Simões (University of Macau)
Prof. Xiaobo Zhai (University of Macau)
Prof. D. Halis (University of Macau)
Prof. V. Raposo (University of Macau)
Prof. I Hsuan Hsiao (University of Macau)
Prof. J. Godinho (University of Macau)
Prof. S. Young (University of Hong Kong)
Prof. I. Nelson Rose (California, US)
Prof. A Mazzoni (Italy)

Past Teaching Staff

The International Business Law program in previous years also had as professors:

A) Full-time professors of the University of Macau
a. Prof. Zeng Lingliang, former Dean
b. Prof. Liu Gaolong, former Interim Dean
c. Prof. Sze Ping Fat
d. Prof. Salvatore Mancuso
c. Prof. Gui Conde e Silva

B) Visiting professors
a. Prof. Robert Aalberts, University of Nevada
b. Prof. Fernando Martínez Sanz, University of Castellon
c. Prof. Francis Snyder, Peking University School of Transnational Law
d. Prof. Alexandre Pereira, University of Coimbra
e. Prof. Michael Kilchling, Max Planck Institut, Freiburg, Germany
f. Prof. Andrew Haynes, University of Wolverhampton

C) Part-time lecturers
a. José Manuel Costa
b. Ilda Cristina Ferreira
c. Carlos Duque Simões
d. Luisa Bragança
e. Gonçalo Cabral

Legal Research


Contact Information

  • Rostam J. NEUWIRTH (IBL Programme Coordinator): Email:
  • Alexandr SVETLICINII (IBL Associate Programme Coordinator):
  • Ms. Joana Luisa DA SILVA LOURENÇO (General Office):  (Tel: +853 – 8822 4176)