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The University of Macau is committed to providing an equal opportunity in education to persons with disabilities. If you are a student with a physical, visual, hearing, speech, learning or psychological impairment(s) which substantially limit your learning and/or activities of daily living, you are encouraged to communicate with your instructors about your impairment(s) and the accommodations you need in your studies. You are also encouraged to contact the Student Disability Support Service of the Student Counselling and Development Section (SCD), which provides appropriate resources and accommodations to allow each student with a disability to have an equal opportunity in education, university life activities and services at the University of Macau. To learn more about the service, please contact SCD at scd.disability@um.edu.mo, or 8397 4901 or visit the following website: https://www.um.edu.mo/sao/scs/sds/aboutus/en/scs_mission.php