The objective of the Introduction to Macao Law Programme as a complementary Programme is to provide the participants who obtained Bachelor in Law from the country and region which legal system is different from that of Macau with an opportunity to obtain systematic and fundamental knowledge of the Macau Law, enabling them to conduct studies in Macau legal system.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a basic understanding of the main features of the legal system, the fundamental doctrines and principles underpinning core areas of Macao law;
  • Use the Chinese and Portuguese legal terminology with care and accuracy, as well as present a cogent and comprehensible argument effectively, both orally and in writing;
  • Demonstrate competency in analyzing primary legal material (statutes and statutory instruments, international treaties, judgment cases, theoretical writings) and synthesizing information from a variety of sources, in order to critically assess competing arguments and arrive at sound judgements;
  • Apply legal rules, principles and abstract concepts to identify the legal issues that are raised by a question or complex factual situations and solve problems independently;
  • Acquire advanced skills suitable requested in their future work in Macao government and local institutions or companies as a legal professional, or participate in the examination of the Macao Lawyers Association.

Study Plan

Course Description

Pedagogic Regulation