Since 2007, the Faculty of Law at the University of Macau has been offering a Doctor of Philosophy in Law program. The courses in the program are taught in English, aiming to enhance the students’ academic proficiency, research skills, and global perspectives. Upon successful completion of their studies, the graduates will be equipped with the essential skills required for engaging in theoretical legal research and practice in Macau or other regions. For their thesis, students have the options to compose in either Chinese, English, or Portuguese.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an thorough, advanced and integrated knowledge of the literature of the academic field of their specialization;
  • Compare the primary legal sources, principles and processes of diverse legal systems and their respective cultures;
  • Apply different research methodologies to legal research on the theories, historical developments, and practical implications of the legal sources relevant for their research;
  • Produce new knowledge through original research made available in different formats of publishable quality.


  • Jurisprudence and Legal History
  • Constitutional Law, Basic Law and Administrative Law
  • Civil, Procedural and Commercial Law
  • Criminal and Procedural Law
  • International Law
  • Comparative Law
  • European Union Law
  • International Business Law and Dispute Resolution
  • Law on Technology and Medicine

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