In line with the university’s global objective of developing itself into an outstanding and internationally-recognized institution of higher learning and against the backdrops of the one country, the Centre for Constitutional Law and Basic Law Studies (CCBLS)would strive to become a research platform that will be impactful in the MSAR and live up to what the community would expect of the university. It would be devoted to the study of the Constitution, the Basic Law and the one country, two systems theory; academic exchange; talent nurturing; the fostering of (what is known in Chinese terms) the ‘Love China, Love Macao’ spirit and provision of consultation to the MSAR government on its policy formulations. The Center for Constitutional Law and Basic Law Studies (CCBLS) is currently the partner base of the Center for Constitutional and Administrative Law of Peking University, which is the key research base of the Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

Center Director: Chaoyang JIANG
Deputy Directors: Yu WANG, Wa KONG
Center researchers: Waikin LOK, Guoqiang ZHAO, Chao WANG, Xiaobo ZHAI, Ke LI, Heng Man HO, Kuan Ju LAI
Center consultants: Dayuan HAN, Duanhong CHEN, Zhenmin WANG, Dongxue HAN, Pingxue ZOU