The Faculty of Law of University of Macau is the oldest law school in Macao. The Faculty offers Bachelor, Postgraduate and Master of Law Programme in Chinese and Portuguese Languages, the Master and Postgraduate of Law Programme in European Union Law, International Law and Comparative Law and the Master and Postgraduate Programme in International Business Law in English Language, Faculty of Law also offers Doctoral Programme in Law.

The objective of the Bachelor Programme is to prepare jurists who are familiar with Macao S.A.R. legal system; the Master and Doctoral Programme purport to educate jurists who are qualified to conduct theoretical research and teaching in Macao Law, Comparative Law, European Law and International Law, as well as knowledgeable and qualified legal professionals.

The Faculty of Law has played very important role in the localization of Macao law and jurists. The great majority of present bilingual judges, procurators, and jurists of the civil service of Macao S.A.R. are graduates from Faculty of Law of the University of Macau.

The teaching of law at the Bachelor degree is basically within the Roman-German tradition, yet, the peculiar historical background makes Macao legal system, as well as the Macao society in general, quite open to the world and to the global trends.

The teaching, even at the Bachelor level, is open to all the methodologies and substantial issues related with contemporary legal trends and with the evolution of the legal thought. European Law, International Law and Comparative Law courses are offered in both the Chinese language and Portuguese language Bachelor Programme.

The teaching at the Master and Postgraduate level, especially for the Programme offered in European Union Law, International Law and Comparative Law, is mostly influenced by the multi-cultural approach required by the subjects, as well as by the diversified background of the teaching staff.

The Faculty of Law has very qualified teaching staff from Macao, Mainland China, Portugal and other countries and regions. Many of them are Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Ph.D. holders. The Faculty also invites regularly a number of distinguished scholars from Europe and other countries as Visiting Professors. In addition, there are some part-time teachers who are judges, prosecutors, lawyers, officials and jurists of the Macao S.A.R. civil service, and they contribute, with their considerable experience in many different areas of law, to the teaching and research at the Faculty.

The Master and Postgraduate Programme in European Union Law, International Law and Comparative Law witness the efforts of the University of Macau to be a regional and international leading higher education institution.