Editorial Statute

Bulletin of the Faculty of Law

University of Macau

The Bulletin of the Faculty of Law of the University of Macau, in Chinese language 澳門大學法律學院學報 and in portuguese language Boletim da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Macau, is a semestrial academic law magazine, in Portuguese Language.

The Bulletin can be published in other languages, namely Chinese, or to include texts in the original language they have been presented to the public in academic and scientific meetings. The publication in Chinese Language, when specially decided, on a case-by-case basis, given the availability of original texts or translations into the Chinese language, will be done in separate volumes.

The Bulletin’s structure includes, respectively, by the following order: Articles by Invited Authors; Peer review articles; Peer review postgraduate studies; Varia; Faculty life. It is admissible the publication concentrated in some sections, as well as its development in subsections and, exceptionally, it is also admitted the publication of thematic numbers or studies.

Through the Bulletin of the Faculty of Law is sought to privilege the academic studies, resulting from the teaching and research activities, as well as to disclose selected studies prepared based on the communications presented in meetings, seminars or conferences with the participation of the Faculty of Law. The Bulletin is open to the outside participation and may include other studies, inviting to the participation the members of the juridical community, internal and external, specially from China and Portuguese speaking countries and communities.

The Bulletin of the Faculty of Law is governed by the academic and editorial autonomy and by the rule of retribution of publication regarding the articles included in the Bulletin, without prejudice of, when deprived of retribution, being able to proceed with free of charge participations and observing equal terms for the different situations. The management bodies of the Bulletin decide about the structure and features of the publication.

Aside from serving as an academic forum for legal scholarship, the BFDUM aims to provide articles, studies, commentaries and reviews across a wide range of theoretical and practical legal matters based on the unique positioning of Macau Law. The BFDUM welcomes contributions whose topics feature legal issues from the perspective of comparative law, with the special worldwide or regional importance, in order to encourage the dialogue and exchanges of legal communities between Macau and the international and regional legal circles, promoting, at the same time, the specialization and fine quality of Macau’s legal research work.

The Bulletin of the Faculty of Law of the University of Macau aims specially to contribute to the continuity and to promote the development of Macau Law, to be the demonstration of its juridical community’s dynamics in general and, particularly, of the academic community. Furthermore, it intends to be an assertion instrument and consolidation of the studies and juridical research in Macau, China and Portuguese speaking countries.

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