Department of Global Legal Studies (GLS) pays particular attention to and work towards the realization of the goals formulated by the UM to establish itself as an outstanding, internationally-recognised institution of higher learning and to provide quality education as well as world-class research. This entails the strive towards academic excellence, particularly through the teaching of courses, the encouragement to conduct research with a view of training future lawyers capable of handling the present and future challenges of their professions through a sound understanding of law in general and global law in particular. In this regard, the connotation of the Department as one of “global legal studies” is to be understood in broad and inclusive terms as to comprise a global dimension by focusing on comparative and interdisciplinary methods which allow to address the interconnections between both the different legal disciplines mutually and between domestic, regional and global law.

Programmes under Department of Global Legal Studies

  1. Master of Law (Chinese Language);
  2. Master of Law in European Union Law, International Law and Comparative Law (English Language);
  3. Master of Law in International Business Law (English Language);
  4. PhD Programme;
  5. Master of Science in Data Science – Data Strategy and Compliance (FLL courses) (This Master Programme is offered by Institute of Collaborative Innovation)
  6. Bachelor of Law in Chinese Law and Global Legal Studies

Head for Department of Global Legal Studies