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OfficeE32 – 3017
AddressFaculty of Law (FLL),
University of Macau, E32,
Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China.
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Prior to joining the University of Macau in 2013, Shui Bing was a full professor at Law School of Nanjing University, concurrently a professor at the Nanjing University-Johns Hopkins University Center.  He also served as the vice president of Jianye district people’s court in 2012.  Professor Shui has received many academic awards and recognitions, such as the first prize at the national writing competition for legal essays in 2015, and the Ten Outstanding Young Jurists in Jiangsu Province of 2013.  Furthermore, he was selected as the New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET) in 2012, which is a very competitive award granted by the Ministry of Education in China.  In February 2017, Professor Shui has been appointed as one of seven members of Medical Malpractice Committee by Macau government. University of Macau gives Teaching Excellence Award to Professor Shui in 2018, by a selection committee from numerous nominees through a rigorous process.

Other Roles

Associate Director, Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences

Academic Qualifications

Ph.D. in Civil and Commercial Law, Peking University

M.A. in Civil and Commercial Law, Peking University

B.A. in Law, Sichuan Normal University

Academic Experience

Full Professor, University of Macau

Visiting Professor, University of Essex, U.K.

Associate Professor, University of Macau

Full Professor, Law School of Nanjing University, China

Vice President, Jianye District People’s Court, Nanjing, China

Joint Professor, Nanjing University-Johns Hopkins University Center, China

Associate Professor, Law School of Nanjing University, China

Visiting Scholar, Cornell Law School, U.S.

Visiting Scholar, Law School at University of Kansas, U.S.

Lecturer, Law School of Nanjing University, China

General Manager, Suyuan Real Estate Corporation, Hainan, China

Partner Lawyer, Yafeng Law Firm, Chengdu, China

Lecturer, Sichuan Normal University, Chengdu, China

Teaching Area

Property Law

Contract Law  

Legal Methodology

Selected Publications


  1. The Methodology in Civil Adjudication(《超越民法的民法解释学》), Peking University Press(北京大学出版社), 2018.
  2. Interpretation on Non-Profit Corporation: From the View of Civil Law(《非营利法人解释民事主体理论的视角》), Law Press(法律出版社), 2010.
  3. General Rules of Civil Law(《民法总论》), co-author, Beijing Normal University Press(北京师范大学出版社), 2009.
  4. Chinese Real Rights Legislation in Sea Area(《中国海域物权制度研究》), co-author, Chinese Legal Publication House(中国法制出版社), 2004.

Articles Published in English

  1. Bing SHUI, “Fragmented Rights and Tragedy of Anticommons: Evidence from China’s Coastal Waters”, Journal of Civil Law Studies, volume 9, 2016, U.S. Peer Review.
  2. Bing SHUI, “Where Law meets Culture: The Legal Protection of the Dead in China”, University of Miami International and Comparative Law Review, fall edition, 2015, U.S. Peer Review.
  3. Bing SHUI, “Rationality or Legitimacy: Analysis of Controversy Over Reasonable Returns for China’s Privately-Run Schools”, Chinese Education and Society, M. E. Sharpe, INC, 2009, U.S. SSCI
  4. Bing SHUI, “Gridlock and Solutions: China’s Private Education in the Period of Social Transformation”, Chinese Education and Society, M. E. Sharpe, INC, 2009, U.S. SSCI

Articles Published in Chinese

  1. Bing SHUI, “Legal Fiction of Posthumous Harm”, Social Sciences in China, Issue 6, 2011. CSSCI, CLSCI & GCJC (IF:7.137).



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税兵:《居间合同的双边道德风险——以“跳单”现象为例》,《法学》2011年第11期。 《中国人民大学复印报刊资料(民商法学)2012年第3转载

  1. Bing SHUI, “Discriminating Limitation on Freedom of Contract”, Nanjing University Law Review, Spring Issue, 2011. Reprinted by Chinese Social Science Digest, No.3, 2012. CSSCI.


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税兵:《商誉权探微》,《甘肃政法学院学报》2004    6期。

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Academic Awards

  1. Teaching Excellence Award 澳门大学卓越教学奖), University of Macau, May 2018.
  2. Award for Outstanding Academic Staff 2017/2018(澳门大学法学院优秀教师奖), Faculty of law, University of Macau, June 2018.
  3. Excellence in Teaching of Faculty of Law for Academic Year 2017/2018 (澳门大学法学院卓越教学奖), Faculty of law, University of Macau, November 2017.
  4. First Prize of “Civil and Commercial Law Application” Paper Competition民商法律适用征文大赛一等奖), China Civil Law Society, 2015.
  5. The Ten Outstanding Young Jurists in Jiangsu Province江苏省十大青年法学家, Jiangsu Legal Association, 2013.
  6. New Century Excellent Talents in University (中华人民共和国教育部新世纪优秀人才支持计画), by the Ministry of Education in China, 2012.
  7. First prize for achievements of philosophy and social sciences江苏省第八届哲学社会科学优秀成果一等奖, by the government of Jiangsu Province, 2012.
  8. Annual Academic Award for Public Policy in China增爱中国公益学术奖, School of Public Policy and management of Tsinghua University, 2011.
  9. Excellent Academic Prize for Young Scholar佟柔基金会青年学术成果奖, Chinese Civil Law Association, 2008.
  10. Honored Teacher南京大学法学院优秀教师), Law School of Nanjing University, 2006-2007.
  11. Graduate with Honors北京大学优秀毕业生, Peking University, 2006.