Io Cheng TONG


(853) 8822 4774
OfficeE32 – 3001A
AddressFaculty of Law (FLL),
University of Macau, E32,
Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China.
Office HoursWednesday 09h00~11h00
Secretary Ms. Lisa LEONG
(, Tel : 8822 4789)

Other Roles

  • Dean of Faculty of Law
  • Member of Faculty of Law Academic Council

Academic Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in Civil and Commercial Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Master of Law, Sun Yat-sen University
  • Bachelor of Law, University of Macau

Teaching Area

  • General Theory of Civil Law
  • Civil Law
  • Research Project

Research Area

  • General Theory of Civil Law, Contract Law, and Property Law
  • Roman Law; Legal History; Legal Philosophy; Socialogical Analysis of Law; Family Law

Selected Publications

On the Basic Theory of Civil Law and Macau Contract Law

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On the Restatement and Reform of Land Law

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On the Promotion of Macau Legal Education and Legal Reform

  1. “The Road Towards a Sustainable Legal Order: In Search of the Rule of
    Law Ideal for ‘One Country, Two Systems’ in Macau within Post-Colonial Hybridity”,
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On the Study of Legal History, Roman Law and Philosophy

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