On October 21 and October 28, 2023, the Student Association of Faculty of Law at the University of Macau successfully organized two “Be a Law Student for a Day” events. These activities attracted over 70 high school students from Macau schools, including Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School, Sacred Heart Canossian College (English Section), and Pooi To Middle School.

The activities were diverse and engaging, including a meticulously staged moot court proceedings by the Student Association of faculty of law, encompassing both criminal and civil cases. The program also included presentations on the curriculum and activities of the Faculty of Law, introductions to the faculty members, discussions on the career prospects in the field of law, as well as opportunities for high school students to observe law classes. The aim of this series of activities was to provide a deeper understanding of the fundamental operations of the legal system, the division of labor within various legal professions, and the daily academic life at the Faculty of Law for high school students in Macau.

The participating high school students engaged in active and effective interactions with the faculty and students of the Faculty of Law. They not only responded enthusiastically to the questions posed by the faculty members but also raised relevant issues discovered during the moot court proceedings, as well as inquiries regarding legal studies and career planning in the legal field. Associate Dean Iau Teng Pio patiently addressed the students’ questions regarding the moot court proceedings, while Prof. Li Zhe and Dr. Leong Cheng Hang also participated in responding to the students’ inquiries. The atmosphere was vibrant, and the students’ strong interest in law was stimulated throughout the process of learning and communication.

Leaders of the Student Association of the Faculty of Law, including Li Weng I, Chong Ka Lam, Chiang Nok I, Hong Peng Ian, Wong Chi Cheng, Cheong Chon Him, and others actively participated in this event. The faculty would like to extend special thanks to Director Mr. Lei Sao Kao of the Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School and Mr. Leong Chi Chong from Pooi To Middle School for their leadership in organizing their respective teams. Appreciation is also expressed to Mr. Ng Chan Hin from the Sacred Heart Canossian College (English Section) for his efforts in coordinating the students’ visit to UM.

Considering the enthusiastic response received for this event, the Student Association of Faculty of Law at the University of Macau will continue to organize similar activities to further promote legal education among young people in Macau.


Source: https://e-bulletin.um.edu.mo/notice/149467/