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Dear Students,



The Faculty of Law now invites eligible students of Bachelor of Law for application of Outgoing Exchange Programme. Students will have opportunities to study law related courses for the 2nd semester in Academic Year 2020/2021 in the following universities.



Eligible students may apply the Outgoing Exchange Scholarship from the Global Affairs Office. For details, please refer to the following link:





Selection of University (China) 大學選擇 (中國)

  1. China Jiliang University 中國計量大學
  2. Zhejiang University City College 浙江大學城市學院
  3. Zhongnan University of Economics and Law 中南財經政法大學


The success of the exchange programme ultimately depends on the decisions of both universities and the development of the epidemic.



Interested students please fill in the attached application form with course selection form, then submit to Ms. Irene Cheong (Room 1003, E32) of the Faculty of Law during the office hours on or before 6 October 2020 (Tuesday) together with the required documents. Late application will not be entertained. The application will be assessed and approved by a committee consisting of faculty members of the Faculty of Law.

欲報名之學生請填寫附上的課程選修表及報名表,並於2020106(星期)或之前辦公時間內提交到法學院辦公室張小姐(E32, 1003室),逾期申請將不受理。有關申請將由法學院成員組成的委員會審核。


Should you have any enquiries, please contact Ms. Irene Cheong at 8822 8687 or email at irenecsn@um.edu.mo.

如有任何查詢,請聯絡張小姐,電話:8822 8687 或 電郵:irenecsn@um.edu.mo


General Office of Faculty of Law



Application Form 

Course Selection Form