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Li DU, Stephen

Associate Professor

Programme Coordinator of PhD Programme

Professor Li Du joined University of Macau, Faculty of Law in January 2016. His teaching and research interests include international law, health law, biotechology law and policy.

Professor Du graduated from Wuhan University, China with dual Bachelor Degrees in both law and clinic medicine in 2005, and received Doctoral Degree in law from the Faculty of Law, University of Alberta, Canada in 2014. His PhD research was on the legal and ethical issues associated with genetic-technology-assisted agricultural products, and focused specifically on the labeling regulation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Professor Du’s research interests have also touched upon legal, ethical, and social issues related to other cutting edge biotechniques, e.g., stem cell research and clinical application, medical tourism, genetic testing and gene patents, etc. He was a Canadian Institutes for Health Research Health Law and Policy Programme fellow and sit on Trainee Communications Committee of Stem Cell Network. Before he joined the University of Macau, he worked with Health Law Institute, University of Alberta as a Research Associate and Genome Alberta (GAB) as a GE3LS coordinator.