On March 21, Prof. Liu Jianhong, Distinguished Professor of Faculty of law, University of Macau, was invited to give a public guest seminar for the Institute of Criminology of the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge on the theme of “The Relationism Theory of Criminal Justice – A Paradigm Shift”.

In this seminar, Professor Liu addressed the significant difficulties in building a general criminal justice theory. Then he outlined a unified theory to explain multiple criminal justice outcomes at the system, institutional, and individual levels across cultures under a paradigm shift from the current “monotonic paradigm” to a more general “comparison paradigm.” The new paradigm logically contains the existing paradigm while broadening research questions and scope of criminal justice studies. It constructs a new set of concepts and propositions, presenting an effort toward a general causal criminal justice theory.

The event attracted a diverse audience, including academics, researchers, and policymakers, from various disciplines. The recording is now on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEoD0WyYja4