In response to the country’s need to cultivate foreign-related legal talent, the University of Macau (UM) and the National Judges College jointly offer a training programme for Chinese senior judges. The opening ceremony for this year’s programme was held today (22 September).
The Faculty of Law of UM and the National Judges College signed a cooperation agreement in 2001. According to the agreement, five to ten senior judges and 20 outstanding judges or judge assistants are admitted to the programme each year. They will study full-time at UM’s Faculty of Law to obtain a Doctor of Philosophy in Law or Master of Law. Students of the first two cohorts have published papers in various core journals in Chinese and English and achieved excellent academic results.
Yonghua Song, rector of UM, said in his speech that UM’s Faculty of Law is the first law school in Macao’s history. With a commitment to solving overarching and key problems related to the development of the country and society, the faculty has produced a number of research results that have extensive influence and are close to social needs, thus contributing to the modernisation of the country’s governance system and governance capacity, and advancing the building of the rule of law in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. He also encouraged the students to embrace a broader perspective, cultivate a sense of patriotism, be diligent in their studies, and develop a steadfast belief in the rule of law in their pursuit of new knowledge.
Liu Guixiang, grand justice of the second rank, permanent member of the Judicial Committee of the Supreme People’s Court (vice-minister level), and president of the National Judges College, expressed his gratitude to UM for its support of the programme. He also advised the students to cherish the learning opportunities, be self-disciplined and diligent in their studies, and aim for excellent results. Student representatives Cheng Yuanyuan and Li Yusen also delivered a speech on behalf of the doctoral and master’s students respectively.
Guests attending the event also included Lei Hong, vice-president of the National Judges College and vice-president of the Judicial Cases Institute of the Supreme People’s Court; Wang Xiaofang, vice-president of the National Judges College; Tong Io Cheng, dean of  the Faculty of Law of UM; and Wong Kei, director of the Rector’s Office of UM.