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The Centre for Law Studies [CLS] of the Faculty of Law [FLL], following the decision and orientations of  Dean and Associate Deans of Faculty of Law, is pleased to announce the reformation of Faculty Bulletin (hereinafter referred to as “BFDUM”) and to adopt a new system – Peer Review Journal.

The new Journal will be in Portuguese language with excellent expression of both uniqueness and platform in Macau.

All submitted articles will be evaluated and determined by the Editorial Board of the BFDUM.

For peer review articles, it will also be evaluated via the Two-Level and Double-Blind Peer Review System.

The new Journal will be consisted of five sections as below:

  1. Articles by Invited Authors (renowned scholars and experts)
  2. Peer review articles (under Peer Review)
  3. Peer review postgraduate studies (under Peer Review)
  4. Varia (legislation, cases and publication review and comparative studies)
  5. Faculty life (key activities and accomplishments by the Faculty of Law)

We hereby invite submission of original papers and hope to receive high-quality submissions. For interested parties, please fill in the “Basic Information Form” (see attached) along with your abstract and keywords (in both Portuguese and English) and send it to: boletim.fll@um.edu.mo.  

Submission deadline: 30 November 2020

Thank you for your attention.


Basic information form

Call for paper (English version)

Call for paper (Portuguese version)